EEO Training & Consulting


Written Materials


  • Article:  "Ten Misconceptions About Sexual Harassment," Trusts & Estates (February 2018).  Click here to view article. 

  • Monthly Newsletter:  "Disability Law Compliance Report," published by West Group (2002 - 2011).  Click here for information.

  • Article:  "Not Funny: Remove the Welcome Mat for Inappropriate Jokes," HR Magazine (September 2008) (published by the Society for Human Resource Management).  Click here to view article.   
  • Article:  "The Perils of Office Romance,"  Human Resource Executive Online (February 2007).  Click here to view article.

  • Textbook Chapter:  Role of the EEOC and Office of Civil Rights in Academic and Workplace Sexual Harassment, edited by Michele Paludi and Carmen Paludi, Jr., published by Greenwood Press (June 2003).  Click here for information.

  • White Paper: "The Rising Tide of Retaliation Claims," Society for Human Resource Management online ( (November 2000).  Click here  to view article.

  • White Paper: "The Perils of Subjective Hiring Criteria," Society for Human Resource Management online ( (October 2000).  Click here  to view article.

Policy Documents

Elaine Herskowitz was the key drafter of various EEOC policy documents, including the following:

  • Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues (click here)
  • Enforcement Guidance on Vicarious Employer Liability for Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors (click here)
  • Compliance Manual Chapter on Retaliation (click here)
  • Enforcement Guidance on Application of EEO Laws to Contingent Workers (click here)
  • Enforcement Guidance on After-Acquired Evidence (click here)
  • Policy Statement on Recent Developments in Disparate Treatmeny Theory (click here)
  • Policy Statement on Sexual Favoritism (click here)
  • Policy Statement on Current Issues of Sexual Harassment (click here)
  • Policy Statement on Harris v. Forklift Systems (click here)
  • Enforcement Guidance on EEOC & Walters v. Metropolitan Educational Ent. (click here)
  • Policy Statement on Control by Third Parties Over Employment Relationship (click here)