EEO Training & Consulting

EEO Training & Consulting

EEO Compliance Solutions


Achieve equal employment opportunity

Elaine Herskowitz, principal of EEO Training & Consulting, has more than thirty years of experience in the EEO field.

Her services are designed to:

  • improve your organization’s work environment;
  • effectively address allegations of harassment or other misconduct; and
  • help you achieve equal employment opportunity in your workplace.




Customized EEO and harassment prevention training

Training on maintenance of a respectful work environment, EEO rights and remedies.


Workplace climate assessments

Surveys of employees regarding harassment and other workplace climate issues.


Investigations of harassment and other misconduct complaints

Prompt, thorough, impartial investigations into employee allegations of harassment and other workplace misconduct. 


Assessments of EEO policies and procedures

Comprehensive consulting services to assess your organization's EEO processes.


Federal sector EEO counseling and final agency decisions

EEO counseling for federal employees and drafting of final agency decisions with merit findings.


This organization as a whole is a better place in which to be employed because of your expertise in the law and interactive teaching style...
— Senior Federal Official