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EEO Training & Consulting Services

Provider of EEO Services


Services include:

  • Customized EEO and harassment prevention training;
  • Prompt and thorough investigations of job discrimination, harassment, and misconduct complaints;   
  • Expert witness testimony;
  • Litigation case consultation;
  • Federal sector EEO counseling;
  • Federal sector final agency decisions (FADs);
  • Workplace climate assessments;and
  • Assessments of EEO policies and procedures.


These services can help yield the following benefits for your organization:

  • Prevent job discrimination and harassment;         
  • Decrease the risk of costly employment litigation;
  • Increase employee morale and decrease employee turnover;
  • Promote a workplace where employees know their employer will not tolerate job discrimination or harassment;
  • Increase the likelihood of establishing a defense, should a discrimination or harassment claim arise;
  • Promote a diverse workplace where differences are valued. 




Elaine Herskowitz, Principal

EEO Training & Consulting Services

Phone:    (301) 299-0234

Fax:        (301) 299-1196

Email:      herskowitz@eeotrainer.com

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/elaineherskowitz

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