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Wall Street Journal CFO Network Annual Meeting

Wall Street Journal CFO Network Annual Meeting

  • Wall Street Journal CFO Network: Participated in June 2018 panel discussion "When #MeToo Hits Home" about mistakes companies make dealing with sexual harassment and other gender issues. Elaine Herskowitz was joined by Debra Katz, founding partner of Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP, and Laurie Ruettimann, founder of GlitchPath. Janet Adamy, a news editor at the Wall Street Journal, moderated. Click here for more information.

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Quoted in the following articles:

    • "Kemp Promises to Reform How GA Treats Sexual Harassment Victims" (January 3, 2019). Click here to view.

    • "State’s Weak Response to Sexual Harassment Makes Reporting Risky" (September 21, 2018). Click here to view.

    • "In #MeToo Era, State Employees Wonder ‘What About Me’" (August 23, 2018). Click here to view.

  • Trusts and Estates Magazine:  Authored article, "Ten Misconceptions About Sexual Harassment" (February 2018).  Click here to view. 

  • National Public Radio:  Interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" about common pitfalls of sexual harassment training (November 8, 2017).  Click here to view article and hear audio.

  • Top of Mind:  Interviewed on "Top of Mind with Julie Rosefor segment on sexual harassment at work (November 13, 2017).  Click here to hear audio.

  • HR Magazine: Quoted in article, "How to Investigate Sexual Harassment Allegations" (January 8, 2018). Click here to view.

  • The Society for Human Resources Website:  Quoted in the following articles: 

    • "Men’s Mentorship of Women at Odds with ‘Pence Rule’" (March 15, 2018). Click here to view. 

    • "A Trump Golf Club Employee Says She Was Fired for Complaining About Harassment" (April 26, 2017). Click here to view.

  • Tampa Bay Times:  Quoted in article, "When does sexual harassment become a crime? It’s a high bar." (December 19, 2017). Click here to view.