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testimonials |exerpts from evaluations

(Copies of original letters can be provided upon request.)

"This organization as a whole is a better place in which to be employed because of your expertise in the law, humorous anecdotes, and interactive teaching style. As the direct result of your superb training, all our employees now have the ability proactively to prevent and respond quickly to misunderstandings in the workplace that could lead to a hostile work environment . . You are an effective, dynamic, and engaging trainer, and those organizations fortunate enough to contract with you for harassment awareness training will be greatly improved by the experience." Senior Official, Federal Government

"I am writing to express our appreciation for the anti-harassment training you provided to all supervisors and managers in the Division. The 'refresher' training benefited all who participated . . . You should also know that the participants' feedback on the course was overwhelmingly favorable." Senior Official, Federal Government

"We would like to express our deep appreciation for the excellent sexual harassment training sessions which Ms. Elaine Herskowitz conducted . . . Ms. Herskowitz's presentations were thorough, engaging, and reflected an obvious expertise with the subject matter. The management staff who attended, including . . . high-level officials within the Department, completed written evaluations after the training and assessed Ms. Herskowitz's sessions to be highly valuable." Senior Official, Federal Government

"This is to acknowledge your contribution to the National Systemic Conference . . . The participants stated that your presentation on record keeping and adverse inferences was particularly effective and one of the week's highlights. Your participation as a plenary session speaker was exceptional . . . Your presentation was a highlight of the conference. Thank you. You can be proud of a job well done."
Program Director

"I'd like to thank you for your invaluable contribution to our recent Sexual Harassment: Litigation and Insurance Coverage Conference. This first-time program was a great success, thanks to your expertise and willingness to participate . . . Our attendees had high expectations for this inaugural sexual harassment program and you obviously lived up to those expectations."
Conference Director

"I greatly enjoyed your presentation at the EEOC/FEPA Training Conference. It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who not only knows her material cold, but communicates it well. I look forward to your future presentations." Chief Counsel, State Human Relations Commission

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Excerpts from Training Evaluations

“Great speaker, dynamic presentation – you know your stuff and can convey it in a manner that is easily understandable! Thanks!!”

"I have attended three similar training programs in the last three years and this was the most informative and relevant."

"Excellent class. Well worth the time. Should have been done years ago. Clearly the most knowledgeable and best-prepared trainer in years – maybe ever!"

"This was so much more relevant than I thought it would be – thanks for sparing us dated movies with bad acting!"

"Excellent discussion of supervisory obligations. Overall, outstanding presentation and very relevant for all employees."

"Very impressed with instructor’s level of knowledge, control of large group, ability to use breakout sessions effectively."

"This training was much more useful and informative than ones I’ve attended in the past. This one got people talking so we could explore different scenarios."

"It was very well-timed and paced, informative yet not preachy. Instructor was very good."

"I wouldn’t change anything about the program. It was a great job!"

"I dreaded coming to this training yet found it both interesting and helpful."

"Best personnel training I’ve been to, by far."

“Elaine is an exceptionally good presenter – she has a pleasant demeanor – very easy to listen to and comprehend.”

“Elaine’s an outstanding instructor – her knowledge and expertise aided in providing very good training on a difficult topic.”

“Outstanding course on sensitive and difficult issue.  Especially liked emphasis on 'nipping incidents in the bud'...”

“Excellent discussion of supervisory obligations.  Overall, outstanding presentation and very relevant for all employees.”

“Good class – best class on harassment given here!”

“I now have a better understanding of the laws regarding harassment and how to communicate better if a situation should occur.”

“Elaine – you did a GREAT job!”

“Excellent delivery – kept interest.”

“I enjoyed the examples, they were very relevant to the topic.”

“Exceptional program.”

“Ms. Herskowitz is well organized, interesting, and an excellent communicator.”

“I particularly appreciated the trainer’s ability to highlight important points of a very controversial and complicated subject.”

“A fast pace with good materials.”

“Overall, course was very good – Elaine was very helpful and knows her stuff.”

“Great Job Elaine. Thanks.”

“Class handouts were very helpful and will be useful in the future.”

“Good job! Good sense of humor. Personal anecdotes really helped.”

“Well spoken instructor – fast paced – well organized.”

“Instructor was very clear and knowledgeable.”

“Great job with a difficult subject – well covered.”

“Thank you for your professionalism and direction in this area.”

“The subject matter is not particularly easy to teach – the instructor did quite well presenting it.”

“Much more interesting than previous harassment training I’ve had over the years – good instructor.”

“Elaine is an excellent presenter and extremely well versed on the topic – bring her back for future training.”

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