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Courses on Harassment Prevention


Preventing and Correcting Workplace Harassment (Course for Employees)

Preventing and Correcting Workplace Harassment (Course for Managers)

These courses explain what constitutes “harassment” in violation of the law and your organization’s policy. The courses cover all forms of prohibited harassment, including harassment based on sex, race, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, and retaliatory harassment.
The course for managers addresses in detail what managers should do to prevent and correct workplace harassment, and the course for non-managers focuses on the steps employees should take if they are subjected to workplace harassment. Courses can also be designed for managers and non-managers combined.
Issues covered include the following:
  • Data showing extent of workplace harassment
  • Reasons why workplace harassment persists
  • Why people often do not complain
  • The effectiveness of saying “stop!”
  • Tips on identifying workplace harassment
  • Tips on gauging the offensiveness of your own behavior
  • Jokes in the workplace: what is and what is not appropriate
  • E-mail and Internet issues
  • Avoiding problems caused by workplace romance
  • The extent to which harassment complaints can be kept confidential
  • Prohibition of retaliation
  • How to use the employer’s policy to report alleged workplace harassment
  • What employees can expect if they report harassment

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