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Consulting Services


Consulting services include the following:


Investigations of Allegations of Job Discrimination, Harassment, or Other Misconduct

  • Determine scope of allegations;
  • Identify critical issues;
  • Identify potential witnesses;
  • Conduct interviews of parties and witnesses;
  • Draft statements based on interviews of parties and witnesses;
  • Gather and review documentary evidence;
  • Apply clear understanding of applicable laws and regulations;
  • Develop potential resolution strategies where appropriate;
  • Write clearly written and comprehensive reports that summarize and analyze information gathered..


EEO Litigation Case Consultation and Expert Witness Services

  • Confer with attorneys to discuss litigation strategies and goals;
  • Review case materials;
  • Prepare expert witness reports;
  • Provide deposition, trial testimony;
  • Provide assistance in preparation for and during trial.


Federal Sector EEO Counseling

  • Identify issues and bases of informal EEO complainsts;
  • Conduct limited inquiries into allegations;
  • Identify resolution options;
  • Draft settlement agreements where appropriate;
  • Draft thorough reports documenting the counseling and attempted resolution efforts.


Federal Sector Final Agency Decisions (FADs)

  • Apply appropriate theories of discrimination and applicable case law;
  • Set forth detailed procedural chronology and factual background of cases;
  • Thoroughly analyze each claim;
  • Set forth reasoned conclusions as to whether violations of EEO laws occurred.


Workplace Climate Surveys

  • Survey employees regarding EEO or other workplace climate concerns;
  • Develop customized questions to suit organization's needs;
  • Typically maintain anonyity of survey feedback to encourage responsiveness;
  • Determine patterns and common denominators in employees' responses;
  • Provide recommendations to to management to address employee concerns.


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